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The 3rd Annual 2010 Conference has concluded!

We wish to thank all the members that joined us in the conference.  Your participation and contribution in the  discussion on 'Gender Equality' was formally submitted to the High-Level Segment Discussion of the Economic and Social Committee and translated into numerous languages.  You can download the English Statement below.  We hope that you will join us next year as we continue to develop awareness for and accomplish the aims of the Millennium Development Goals.  All the best!


Click HERE to download the English Statement presented to ECOSOC.

Friday, April 23

8:30am Welcome & Introductions

8:55am Keynote Speaker: Marc Kielburger

9:35am Keynote Speakers address Gender Equality

11:10am Gender Equality Panel Discussion

12:20pm Lunch (provided)

1:00pm Round Table Preparation for 2010 Topic

2:45pm Keynote Speakers address Strengthening NGOs

5:00pm End of Day

Saturday, April 24

9:00am Opening Remarks

9:15am Keynote Speaker Addresses: International Humanitarian Law

10:15am Foundation Forum with Blake Bromley (Benefic) Sponsored by the Central Okanagan Foundation

10:15am Preparation of Paper on 2010 Topic for presentation to the UN Economic and Social Council

12:15am End of Activities

What Can We Learn From High Performing Non-Profit Organizations

Marc Kielburger

Free the Children/Me to We

Friday, 8:55 am


Gender Equality: Whose Problem is it Anyway?

Lynn Thornton


Friday, 11:10 am


Gender Issues: An International Perspective

Doreen Spence

Canadian Indigenous Women's Resource Institute

Friday, 10:30 am


Sell the Sizzle AND the Steak: How to market your message

David MacLean

MacLean Group Marketing

Friday, 1:40 pm


Making a Business Case for a Corporate Donor

Nicole Rustad

Kids Helping Kids (Disney Online)

Friday, 3:55 pm


2020: Who's Running Your Organization?

Peter Matejcek

HuStream Technologies

Friday, 3:15 pm


Foundation Forum - Proudly Sponsored and Hosted by the Central Okanagan Foundation

Blake Bromley

Benefic Group

Saturday, 10:15 - 12:15 am

  1. Learn "best practices" related to gender equality
  2. Collaborate and network with other like-minded individuals and organizations
  3. Learn how to strengthen the organization you work with participate in preparing a paper to be delivered to ECOSOC

Early Registration

$30 Adults

$10 Students   (School ID needed)

At the Door

$50 Adults

$20 Students   (School ID needed)




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