Victoria International Development Agency, Executive Director

Topic Title:

Gender Equality: Whose problem is it anyway?


Friday, 11:10 am



Lynn Thornton is the Executive Director of VIDEA, a Victoria-based international development agency that has worked on development education, public engagement and overseas development projects for over 30 years. Lynn has a BA in Politics, and an MBA in small organisation management. Prior to her work at VIDEA, Lynn was the Head of the Campaigns Unit at Greenpeace UK, and the London Desk Officer at ActionAid UK. Lynn is the current Chair of the BC Council for International Cooperation.


VIDEA has produced globally-focused curriculum for use in BC schools for much of it’s history, and in the past year has been producing a resource aimed at grades 9-12 focusing on gender equality. This resource, entitled: Gender Equality – whose problem is it anyway? has funding from CIDA’s Global Classrooms Initiative, and aims to help Canadian teachers and students to explore the realities of gender equality in the world and relate their learning to concrete actions. This print and web-based resource will be used in High Schools across Canada.